Types Of Building Repairs And General Maintenance Services

General maintenance refers to all necessary tasks for keeping a building in good-quality and livable. People with different skill sets are required for general maintenance services like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

General maintenance services are very essential for maintaining the proper condition of buildings. Without proper maintenance, a building can become unfriendly for living and working.

Why general maintenance of a building is important? What are the main types of building repair? 

Why General Maintenance Of A Building Is Important?

Here are two important benefits of general maintenance of a building:

1. Keeps Occupants Safe

Regular general maintenance keeps the building safe for those who live or work there. Also, occupants are in comfort if the building is properly maintained.

For example, no one likes the dripping sound of a leaking tap. Similarly, if a boiler breakdown occurs, you will be unable to get hot water. Therefore, regular maintenance is crucial for a safe environment.

2. Save Money

As we all know, precaution is more cost-effective than a cure. Therefore, an urgent repair or replacement of appliances or other major systems will be more expensive than ongoing preventive maintenance.

Creating a budget for the regular upkeep of a building is much easier than unpredictable repair or replacement. Similarly, from a business standpoint, maintenance increases the value of a property.

What Are The Main Types Of Building Repair?

We can categorize building repair and maintenance into 3 major types as follows:

Day To Day Repairs

These types of repairs arise from time to time in the services of buildings such as water supply and plumbing works. Day to day repairs include removing chokage of drainage pipes, replacement of blown fuses, and sweeping of leaf falls.

Restoration of water supply, repairs of faulty switches, and manholes also fall into this category. The main purpose of this maintenance is to make sure the smooth working of all appliances and proper functioning of everything in the buildings.

Annual Repairs

The main purpose of this general maintenance service is to preserve the life of buildings. Annual repair services include whitewashing, cleaning of lines, painting, distempering, etc… These services are planned on a year to year basis for the proper and smooth running of everything.

Special Repairs

In this type, the main purpose is to replace the existing parts and services which get deteriorated on the aging of buildings. Special repairs prevent the structure and services from deterioration. And, it restores the deteriorated parts to their original condition.

Who Is Behind A Properly Maintained Building?

There is a team of highly-skilled technicians behind every properly maintained building. A good engineer is well-trained, proactive, and detailed-oriented in all areas including plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.

Here are a few good characteristics of a well-trained technician:

  • Inspect existing systems and find practical methods to resolve problems.
  • Prioritize all tasks in a specific order that needs to be completed.
  • Work proficiently to keep the systems NEW.
  • A good technician typically works almost 40 to 60 hours a week.

What General Maintenance Services We Provide?

We offer several services covering all sorts of general maintenance for your property. Our services range from electricity repairing to remedial restoration. You can contact us for whether day to day, annual, or special repairs 24/7. Our expert team of engineers are capable to resolve your problems within 2 hours.

Below are a few general maintenance services we offer:

  • Electrical services
  • Appliance repairs and installation
  • Fitting in carpets and steam cleaning
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Painting, plastering and decorating
  • All plumbing services including boiler services
  • Ducted heating/Cooling repairs and installations
  • Locksmith services
  • Roof repair services
  • Remedial restoration services
  • Many more emergency services

What Makes 24/7 Call Out Different From Other Companies?

Are you looking for a professional company for all types of maintenance needs? Let us help with all types of maintenance jobs! Our licensed and highly-trained engineers are readily available for all maintenance services.

24/7 Call Out is truly a “one stop shop” for property maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. We offer professional and reliable services that will not only save time but also money. You can utilize our domestic services as well as commercial services at a fair price.

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