How To Remove Electrical Faults In Electrical Systems?

Electrical Faults

Types Of Electrical Faults

A short circuit is the most common and dangerous fault that arises in a power system. It is commonly known as shunt fault as well. When a short circuit occurs, heavy current flows through the circuit and damages the equipment or property.

Electrical faults can be categorized into two types i.e. symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults.

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Symmetrical Faults – Symmetrical faults are very severe faults but occur infrequently. Some electricians refer to these faults as balanced faults. Balanced faults also fall into two categories i.e. line to line to ground and line to line faults.

Unsymmetrical Faults – Unsymmetrical faults are less severe than the first one but occur frequently. There are three types of this fault i.e. line to line, double line to ground, and line to ground. Among these faults, the line to ground fault occurs frequently (65 to 70%). It occurs when a conductor makes contact with the ground. 15 to 10% of faults are double line to ground faults. It occurs when two conductors make contact with the earth. And, the third one occurs (5 to 10%) due to the swinging of lines in winds.

Causes Of Electrical Faults

Several factors can be a cause of electrical faults. We can divide causes into 4 main types as follows:

1. Weather Condition Weather is the most common factor of electrical fault. The fault occurs due to heavy rain, snow, ice, and lighting strikes. It can also arise due to accumulation on transmission lines and salt deposition on overhead lines, etc…

2. Human Errors Electrical faults sometimes occur due to human errors. The first and foremost human error is to select improper and poor quality wires and equipment. Another remarkable human error is to forget electrical conducting parts after maintenance.

3. Equipment Failures Many electrical devices such as motors, switching devices, and generators cause a short circuit. It happens due to insulation failure of cables, aging, and malfunctioning.

4. Smoke Of Fires Smoke particles ionize the air that surrounds the overhead lines, which results in spark between lines. Therefore, try to keep the wires away from the smoke.

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Effects Of Electrical Faults

An electrical fault creates a low impedance path for the flow of the current. As a result, a very high current is drawn from the circuit also resulting in tripping of relays and damaging of the components. Below are some important effects of electrical faults:

·         Dangerous For Humans And Animals Fault can cause shocks to individuals and it can lead to death.

·         Burning Of Equipment  Short circuit faults can burn the entire device.

·         Electrical Fires Faults can also lead to fires! As we often hear in news like burning buildings and complex fires.

·         Disturb Interconnected Circuits  Short circuits affect other active interconnected circuits to the faulted line.

Electrical Faults 2

Fault Limiting Devices

Fortunately, different devices break or disrupt the circuit when a fault arises. The fault clearing or fault limiting devices include fuse, protective relays, circuit breakers, and lightning arrestors. Therefore, you must use such devices for your protection.

The solution of Electrical Faults

No one likes electrical problems because they are aggravating and dreadful. It happens everywhere where electricity is. As we have already mentioned that many electrical faults occur due to human errors. If you carefully use electric devices, the chances of electrical fault are very low.

It is very important that you purchase high-quality wires and electrical appliances to prevent faults. You can’t prevent 100% electrical faults but you can reduce the risk of frequent electrical faults. If a fault has occurred, you must hire a professional electrician to deal with the fault. Your life is more precious than money. So never compromise on the quality of wiring and equipment. Because a short circuit can severely damage you and your property.

You can call 24/7 Call Out in any case of emergency. Our professional team will always be available with the proper solution within two hours!

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