Things You Need To Know About Boiler Breakdown

The boiler is an important part of a home. It keeps the house warm and the water hot. Many of us take it for granted, however will no doubt notice the loss after experiencing a boiler breakdown.

After a boiler breakdown, you start to panic about how to manage things without a boiler, especially when you have children.

Before we talk about why boiler breakdown happens, let’s talk about different types of boiler and its main component…

What Is A Boiler?

A boiler is a vessel in which water is converted into steam by combustion. There are two main types of boilers, fire tube boilers, and water tube boilers.

Boiler Breakdown

Loss of Electricity

We restore electricity. From light switches not working properly to electrical circuit issues.

Ceiling Fan

Plumbing Leak

No hot water? No problem…Whether it’s pipe leaks or sewer problems. We can fix it.

Generator Set

Loss of Heating

Heat loss in the winter months can be especially unpleasant. Our team of experts provide help within hours of your call.

No Hot Water Or Heating?

The deficiency of hot water or heating can be another cause of boiler breakdown. It may occur due to low water levels so check the water gauge if you have one. Otherwise, you can check the ball valve on the small valve & expansion tank (a small tank in the loft) is not stuck in the closed position.

A faulty thermostat can also be a cause of boiler breakdown. If the thermostat is faulty, the boiler most often shut down prematurely. In this case, you will have poor or intermediate water temperature. It’s not a complete boiler breakdown. Therefore, a specialist engineer can easily rescue your boiler in such a situation.

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Pressure Guage

Pilot Light Has Gone?

If a starter light or pilot light is going out, it can also lead to a boiler breakdown. It may happen due to inappropriate gas flow and gas flow is affected due to a worn or broken thermocouple.

So you should first check the availability of gas to your property. You can check the emergency meter control valve for this purpose. If gas is available, check the pressure of the gas. If everything is okay, it means there is an issue with the boiler.

Why Use 24/7 Call Out For Boiler Repair Service?

Our proficient team of engineers are readily available for all makes and models including LPG systems. We don’t only provide repairing services but also undertake boiler installation, general plumbing, and maintenance. As a boiler breakdown specialist, we offer several professional servicing like:

  • Checking of all safety elements and controls
  • Ventilation check
  • Checking of gas installation pipes
  • Cleaning of the central heating filter is installed
  • Look for dangerous fumes that can produce carbon monoxide, etc…
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